New tracks of November 2018 listen online

June went through quite a contrast, there were cold and warm days, but despite the weather outside the window, popular performers continue to release new compositions. Our site has prepared the best news of November, we have collected songs from all directions and genres, unfortunately amongst there are no songs of XXXTentacion and will not be any more. November 18, 2018 he was shot in Miami, he was only 20 years old. This is a talented representative of the new Western rap.

New music of November 2018 is full of Russian artists, such as Albina, Oxxxymiron & Porchy, MATRANG, Feduk, Triad, etc. November is a key month for many young people, many graduate schools, institutes and other institutions. It is for them that we have collected the popular songs of 2018, so that their holidays were only in a good mood under the tracks of your favorite performers.

With the advent of great demand for new artists, there was also an interest in listening to music everywhere and at any time of the day. Nowadays, everything is done for the convenience of the user and now you can listen to any song you like. On the Internet, the mass of sites that offer free listening to popular music online and new items from popular artists can be found almost immediately after the release of the song.